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How we Work to Reduce Drug Demand
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We work continuously to encourage community and public officials to make drug abuse a top priority, to ensure effective drug prevention programs are present in schools, and to implement ongoing awareness campaigns to inform communities about the dangers and social costs of drug abuse

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We work to put in place standards of care and best practices for all treatment programs

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We work to develop a standard set of statistics regarding substance abuse and mental health in the criminal justice system as well as to develop an epidemiological work group to review trends and public health indicators at the local-community level



Working to Build a Healthier, Safer, Drug-Free NOLA

GNODDRC works to prevent substance abuse through prevention, treatment and law enforcement for a safe and healthy community from early childhood through adulthood.. The coalition supports evidence based programs, policies and practices to reduce the demand for drugs through education, data collection, information sharing, advocacy, capacity building and community collaboration. We achieve our mission through a balanced approach emphasizing 4 key components of success in the community. Our Vision for the city is that New Orleans will be a safe, crime and drug-free, healthy community with a good quality of life for all of its citizens.

  • Everything we do and every decision we make is based on the most current epidemiologic data and trends

  • While we work at the community level, our primary concern is establishing and maintaining a healthy youth population

  • A key component of our mission is to establish relationships in our communities of focus and to foster those relationships into measurable results

  • As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we are focused on establishing sustainability within the communities we work and also ensuring that state and local policy support the creation of safer, healthier, drug-free communities

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