December 16, 2015

About Us


How We Got Our Start

Compelled by the growing perils of drug abuse that effect the health and safety of our citizens as well as the quality of life in our community, a diverse group of committed individuals came together during her summer of 2011 and formed the Greater New Orleans Drug Demand Reduction Coalition (GNODDRC), which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Coalition meets regularly and works tirelessly in an effort to realize its following mission.

Mission Statement

GNODDRC works to prevent substance abuse through prevention, treatment and law enforcement for a safe and healthy community from early childhood through adulthood.. The coalition supports evidence based programs, policies and practices to reduce the demand for drugs through education, data collection, information sharing, advocacy, capacity building and community collaboration.

Vision For New Orleans

Our vision for the city of New Orleans revolves around the creation of safer, healthier communities by improving the substance abuse prevention, treatment, and enforcement infrastructure. We aim to ensure that communities have the resources they need to implement a sustainable plan targeting substance abuse. 


1. Promote healthy, safe and drug free youth, families and community.
2. Heal those who are dependent on alcohol and other drugs to fully restore their health, dignity and safety.
3. Enhance the public safety by reducing the supply of drugs, disrupting the illegal drug market and deterring illegal drug use by adults and youth.


Within five years, reduce…
1. Illicit drug use in New Orleans
2. Non-medical use of prescription drugs
3. Under-age drinking
4. Drug related crime
5. Drunk and drugged driving deaths
6. Drug related child abuse and neglect
7. Drug overdose deaths