Why Should You Talk to Your Teens?

“Statistics show that when parents talk to their kids about alcohol or drugs, they are 42% less likely to try them–and more likely to succeed in every way. You have more influence on your child’s values about drinking and drugs before he or she begins to use them–especially during the preteen and early teen years. That’s why it’s important to arm yourself with information and tools to help your children avoid the dangers of alcohol and drugs now.
Be Aware

It’s also important to be aware of your child’s plans and whereabouts. It’s a simple way to let them know you care about them, what they’re doing, and who their friends are. It’s not about trusting them. Let them know you care, even if you can’t be together.”

*Jackson, C. Perceived legitimacy of parental authority and tobacco and alcohol use during early adolescence. Journal of Adolescent Health 31(5): 425-432, 2002.


“Parents are the biggest influence in a teen’s life. That’s why it’s important to talk regularly with your teen. Approach your conversation with openness and empathy and be sure to clearly communicate that you do not want your teen using drugs or alcohol. Remind your teen of your support and be sure to listen to what he or she has to say.”

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